Answer maths questions to earn nuts.
Then cross the river with some nuts intact.

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The Game:

You are a squirrel, collecting nuts to hibernate for the winter.

To collect nuts you need to answer some maths puzzles!

The only problem is once you have collected your nuts, you need to cross the river.

How To Play:

  1. First, choose your level. The questions do not change but the width of the river does.
    Easy - 10, Medium - 20, Hard - 30, Extreme - 50.

  2. You will now be faced with 3 maths puzzles, for each one you get right you earn a nut. Nuts become lives in the final game.

  3. Now, if you have collected a nut, use the arrow keys to guide your squirrel across the river, hopping onto the logs floating down.

  4. You must arrive with at least one nut, if not, you have to swim back and try again!